Key Word, Lots of Power

Are you amazed at the power you see in some guys motors. I know I am. I know it comes down to the amount you spend and who you go to and what you are willing to do to get that power but some just stand out. Bobby Blunt used to run a motor that sounded bad. It sounded as if it had more than anyone around. But sound does not always transfer into speed. Set up and tires have a lot to do with speed but the motor is a huge part in speed. Well we are moving on to verse two in Titus and here we see some truly powerful words.

Titus 1:2 in the hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised long ages ago.

Are you stunned and staggered hearing those words and thinking on them?

Hope – have we talked about “hope” too often? Have we got to the point we skip over it without stopping and having the “wow” we should have as we think on it? Sorry (not really) but say it together, ‘the hope of eternal life’. WOW! It is not a “wow” over the fact you escape hell and punishment. (PAUSE) You caught that right?! It is a “wow” that I get to worship, exalt, revere, adore the Creator. To be in awe of The King, Master, grand, brilliant, self-existent, holy, righteous, mercy-filled, glorious, great, magnificent, wondrous, spectacular, Almighty, all-knowing, perfect LORD God.

Eternal life – it is not ending. Let’s be clear, there is eternity for all of us. The question is will it be eternity in hell or eternity in heaven? Where do you place your confidence in heaven and being in heaven? Is it something you made up to fit you or is it directly from the Bible? Both are real and there is no going back and forth from one to the other (Hebrews 9:24, 28)

God, cannot lie – there are messages out there about the things God cannot do and we see one here. God cannot sin and He cannot lie. He is completely reliable and truthful. He is faithful and trustworthy. That is one of the masterful things of searching the Bible, we know what we read is true, we just have to figure out what He is saying to us. So study and show yourself approved a workman who correctly handles the Word of God.

Promised long ago – Thursday night we were walking up to the church for elders meetings and I had to laugh as one of the guys had sunglasses on as the sun was shining and it was raining, then a rainbow appeared. God has long standing promises including the rainbow. His promise of eternal life, His electing of those chosen are long standing, as in, before the foundation of the earth. Is that good stuff or what?

Titus 1:3 but at the proper time manifested, even His word, in the proclamation with which I was entrusted according to the commandment of God our Savior,

First thing we see here is that God in His perfect timing gives His Word. God is NEVER early and NEVER late. He is always right on time. He is sovereign. In His sovereignty He allows us to handle His Word. Are you putting the time in to correctly handle His Word? What did you read this morning, today? What did you study today? God does not suggest that we are in the Bible and that we proclaim its truths, He commands it. So I challenge you today. Will you intentionally read and study the Word? I dare say that if you ignore the Bible, if you don’t read it, don’t study it, don’t memorize it, don’t mediate on it you have to question your relationship with the LORD. Can you be married and spend no time with your wife and call that a marriage? Can you call yourself a race car driver if you never strap into the driver’s seat, pull the buckles tight and run a race? All three of those examples lead to that same conclusion. It is not a marriage, you are not a driver just by that and in the same way you are not a Christian just by saying you are one. Did you hear that? One of the marks of the faith, of being a Christian is having a hunger for the Word of God, a desire to be in it. Do you? Are you?

Catch the end of the verse as it is going to be tied to other verses in Titus. “God our Savior”. “Our” means it is personal. That is God’s desire, it is to have a personal relationship. Five times in Hebrews it speaks of draw near as in drawing near to God. They are worth studying out. They are Hebrews 4:16; 7:19; 7:29; 10:1; 10:22. Here is one of them – Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16. Talk about a rich verse. That is like when you put a rich fuel in the car and get the super boost. It is reaching up and flipping the switch. It kicks you back in the seat and you feel the power!

Titus 1:4 To Titus, my true child in a common faith: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior.

Just as it is clear that Paul is the author, it is clear the one receiving the letter is Titus. As we said two weeks ago Titus is a young man, placed in leadership that Paul is mentoring and encouraging. Those next words are so respect filled and honoring, my; true; child; in a common faith. Again “my” is a relationship, a close, relationship. “True”, not one made up or something that it is not but instead a real genuine, authentic verb to describe the relationship. “Child” indicates an offspring, a younger one. “in a common faith”, Titus is spiritual offspring. I am smiling as I write this, as I think this. What a wonderful thing it is to have spiritual offspring. 2 John speaks of this. 2 John – I rejoice greatly to find some of your children some walking in the truth. It is a blessing to see others that will follow and grow in the LORD and maybe God used you in some small way to encourage them or challenge them to grow. We should be looking to be taught and to teach. Are you? This is about faith and growing in faith and growing in Christ. Each of us should want to grow in faith.

Now we break the next part of this verse in three parts.

Grace and peace – Grace is unmerited favor. It is getting something that we don’t deserve. It is a sinner that is allowed to be forgiven by God the Father at the price of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Peace is a calm that comes from a confidence we can have in God the LORD that He will always look out for us and protect us. He will always be truthful and trustworthy and the truth that we look forward to an amazing eternity of worshipping Him in His Kingdom, heaven.

from God the Father – clearly this grace and peace can come from but one source. It is God, the Father, the Son, the Spirit. Think of that title. He is the strong Father that will not let us out of His sight or His hand of protection. He is the mighty fortress and refuge.

and Christ Jesus our Savior. – remember the tie I just spoke about? Here is one of them. We find

Christ Jesus our Savior here. We just saw God our Savior. Do you see it? Do you get it? Another clear example of Jesus is God. His deity is proclaimed book after book, chapter after chapter.

So we covered a big chunk of Scripture; three whole verses. What an enormous power we see in those three verses and there are a lot more truths to come as we study out Titus.

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